42X Undertaking

Thank you very much for visiting and welcome to the cannabis cultures new hub. 42X Undertaking was founded with the idea of providing a one stop resource catered to the cannabis culture. We truly believe in the medicinal benefits that derive from proven studies of cannabis and proudly support legalization. We intend to provide high quality 420 products a cannabis resource known as the 420 App along with consumer reviews of trends, new product lines, best medical, and more to keep you aware as the cannabis culture is nurtured and grows.


Our Mission

Our mission at 42X Undertaking, is to provide affordable prices with trust and thoughtfulness to be your one-stop Cannabis Culture resource.


420 Gear

 We offer an assortment of 420 products for all of your recreational and medicinal needs. From pieces to accessories, our high quality merchandise is perfect gift for everyone from the occasional smoker to an avid cannabis connoisseur! 


Official Launch Date 4/20/2019

 We appreciate your patience as we delay the inevitable. With the rapidly expanding Cannabis Culture, we are proud to announce the launch of our 420 App! We strive to bring you accurate and comprehensive information, product reviews, and trends to serve as an up-to-date guide for people with all levels of interest!